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The foam is the key feature of a chamois, for this reason rigorous controls and hi-quality raw materials are requested to our suppliers. La Fonte uses highly performing foams granting an excellent quality with different densities.

The foams used for our production are breathable and with open cells, where air flows freely with the foam returning to its original position after the compression.

Density value is determined by the concentration of cells.
High density is synonymous of high concentration of cells and high “support”, i.e. shock-absorption action and compression resistance. High density requires a strong deforming action.



La Fonte R&D dept., focused on an intense research activity of the most distinctive technology providing responses to the needs of the most demanding bikers, has recently introduced the use of NET Foam for the construction of hi-tech pads.
The NET Foam, with its 120kg/m3 density, is guarantee of maximum comfort and performance in all extreme
conditions. The main features are utmost breathability granted by the open cell structure, superior elastic recovery and excellent support and resistance.



ECO Foam represents La Fonte’s reaction to the market expectations for a deeper social responsibility with use of recycled raw materials matched to a reduction at source of wastes and pollution emission.
The product, endorsed by high certification standards, guarantees the consumer’s safety and the environmental respect.
The recycled ECO foam, with its 120kg/m3 density, is produced starting from post-consumer materials and discarded products, otherwise destined to the landfill, which are transformed into eco-friendly materials.
This unique, complete and certified system of recycling represents considerable resource and cost savings for the environment granting a future for the coming generations without jeopardizing the excellent quality of the cycling pads.